AIRCA (Association of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture)

Seminar on Sustainable Intensification by Shenggen Fan at ICBA

November 12 2014

Comparative functional analysis of two wheat Na+/H+ antiporter SOS1 promoters in Arabidopsis thaliana under various stress conditions

Training: Production and Utilization of Forage Crops in Marginal Environments

8-10 December 2014


Plant Genetic Resources - Vital for Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

November 11 2014
ICBA Programs Highlights and Achievements, 2009-2013

Training: Specifications and Standards of Non-Conventional Water Resources

25-26 November 2014


ICBA completes the “Sludge Valorization Feasibility Study” for Ajman Sewerage

September 17 2014

Biosalinity News. August 2014, No.2

Sustainable intensification is key to food security and nutrition in drylands

12 November 2014


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