Plant genetic resources (PGR) play a key role in sustainable crop production.‎ The ingenious preservation and usage of PGR is extremely important for attaining food security and nutritional needs of current and subsequent generations.‎ The in situ conservation of majority of the accessions of various crops and their wild relatives is nonviable.‎ A feasible substitute to this problem is to preserve the seeds of the plants in genebank.‎ Keeping in the importance of the PGR, the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) established a genebank in its vicinity in 2000.‎ Efficient use of salt effected agriculture lands need PGR of salt tolerant species.‎ ICBA has been collecting and conserving seeds of proven or potentially salt tolerant plant species for research purpose at ICBA and other institutes with similar research interests.‎

Till now ICBA has collected more than 12,600 accessions belonging to about 230 salt-tolerant and halophyte plant species and conserved them in the genebank.‎ The center has also gathered around 250 samples of 70 wild plant species seeds during various botanical expeditions all around the UAE.‎ The assembled germplasm is a unique source for researchers working on salinity tolerant crops.‎

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