Sludge Valorization Feasibility Study in United Arab Emirates

Sludge Valorization Feasibility Study in United Arab Emirates
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Dr. Abdullah Alshankiti, Dr. Berhan Adenew Degefa, Dr. Shagufta Gill, Dr. Nurul Akhand
Valorization is emerging as a strong trend to enhance waste to be valuable materials in United Arab Emirates. More than a million tons (104,319 tons (on a dry-weight basis) of sewage sludge are produced each year. The treatment and disposal of sewage sludge is an expensive, environmentally sensitive and growing problem worldwide. Recycling and use of wastes are the preferred options for sustainable development. However, the challenge is to find cost-effective and innovative methods of disposing or using bio-solids that are acceptable to regulatory authorities as well as to general public. The potential value of sewage sludge as soil conditioner and a source of important plant nutrients has further compounded the interest in turning waste into alternative forms of energy to reduce the carbon footprint