Water Saving for Roadside Plantation using Cocoon Technology

Water Saving for Roadside Plantation using Cocoon Technology
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Shabbir A Shahid, Abdullah Alshankiti, Henda Mahmoudi, Shagufta Gill, Basel Al Araj, Diletta Ciolina, Kaleem ul Hassan, Jurriaan Ruys, Arnout Asjes, Harrie Lövenstein
Irrigation for plant growing in arid and semi-arid regions places an extreme burden on water resources and requires the development of sustainable irrigation methods. One of the tools to save irrigation water could be Cocoon, a Land Life Company biodegradable product designed to serve as an incubator for arid tree planting. Land Life Company claims that Cocoon protects and nurtures the plant from seedling to growth with an extreme reduced amount of water – only 23 to 40 liters per tree one-off. In this project we are testing three plant species (Ziziphus spina christi; Prosopis cineraria; Azadirachta indica). It ensures that no weeds can grow in the vicinity of the seedling, taking away competition for water and light and giving the indigenous pioneers a strong start. Furthermore, some natural fungi to support the proliferation of the plant roots are added, which in turn improve drought resilience and nutrient uptake. All these combined factors are considered to increase radically the survival rates, growth rates and vigor of trees planted in marginal lands without the need for irrigation.