ICBA internship program

We invite interns with M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees to be part of our applied research programs. There are opportunities for post-graduate studies and research in water and land management, crop diversification and genetics, and climate change modeling and adaptation. By working together with our scientists, you will have an opportunity to conduct field and laboratory research that is a prerequisite for publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals and completing theses. At ICBA, we help our interns design experiments, monitor field and laboratory research, and analyze data.

As a non-profit organization, we have limited funds and are not able to provide financial support to interns. Nonetheless, if you are interested in an internship opportunity at ICBA, please send your CV and an expression of interest to hr@biosaline.org.ae.


A new video series on ICBA’s internship program captures some of the stories and experiences:

Hamda Al-Masoum
Bachelor’s student, EnvironmentalScience and Sustainability program, Zayed University, Dubai, UAE

ICBA project: ​A comparative analysis of crop production under greenhouse and net-house: Rethinking high energy and water consumption in cooling for greenhouse

Xiaohan Long
Master of Public Administration in Development Practice, School of International and Public Affairs, the Earth Institute, Columbia University, USA

ICBA project: Treated Wastewater Knowledge Hub

Karelle Bassole
Master’s (five-year) student, International Agro-development, ISTOM, College of International Agro-development, France

ICBA project: Improvement of quinoa germination and seedling

Soha Benchekroun
Engineering student, Supply Chain Management, EMINES School of Industrial Management, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco.

ICBA projects:

  1. Data Analysis (water/energy use) in greenhouses 
  2. Profitability study for Integrated Aqua-Agriculture Systems

Jasmina Kostić
Master’s student, Agricultural Water Management, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Agriculture, Serbia

ICBA project: Water and energy use efficiency of vegetables

Marko Knežević
Master’s student, Agricultural Water Management, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Agriculture, Serbia.

ICBA project: Planting density of two varieties of cucumber.