Journalism and Media Outreach Specialist

Job Summary

The Journalism and Media Outreach Specialist is responsible for writing ICBA's communication material that publicizes the good work the Center does, as well as develop and maintain good working relationships with media outlets. 

Job Responsibilities
  • Responsible for writing news updates, feature stories, project briefs, success stories, brochures, flyers, and other corporate and project material content as required by the Division Director.
  • Provide writing support to ICBA staff to develop needed publications, papers, project reports, project brochures, presentations and other collateral.
  • Assist the ICBA management in the drafting and development of annual reports, strategies, speeches and any other required high-level material.
  • Collect news through external and internal sources to produce material for ICBA's publications and website. This includes reading project reports, scientific papers, and interview internal departments to obtain editorial material on programmatic and operational news.
  • Take the lead in ensuring the development of the content for the Biosalinity Newsletter.
  • Develop video and animation scripts.
  • Create, develop and manage content for ICBA’s web and social media presence including writing blog posts, webpage content, tweets and social-networking site posts to promote ICBA's work and events while ensuring that it is user friendly and key-worded for SEO optimization.
  • Develop new ideas for publications (digital and print) that can promote ICBA's work.
  • Builds relationships and elevates ICBA's profile with local, national, regional and international media outlets, both print, audio, visual, and digital.
  • Serves as a key point of contact with the media, and responsible for drafting press releases, organizing journalist days and visits to ICBA sites and experiments.
  • Ensure that ICBA gets features in news outlets and its activities are covered by the media.
  • Support the proposal development function, as required by the Division Director.
  • Capture complex technical thoughts and present them in a simple, catchy, non-technical yet professional manner that is comprehensible to a diverse audience ranging from scientists and researchers, to government and development professionals, academia, local community representatives, and farmers.
  • Ensure that all produced products are clear, persuasive, and original copy of a high quality.
  • Other projects as assigned by director.
Qualifications and Experience

A person of outstanding ability to capture complex technical thoughts and creatively present them in a simple and concise manner. 


  • BA in journalism, English language and literature, or communications
  • 5 to 7 years writing experience
  • Demonstrated original writings
  • Native English writing skills. Applicants with accompanied solid Arabic skills will be given preference.
  • Computer skills.
  • Knowledge of social media platforms.
  • Experience in communication and marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization, web analytics, website development, social media
Post Date
21 أبريل 2015
Vacancy Type
Closing Date
21 مايو 2015
International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), Dubai.
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Director of Partnerships and Knowledge Management
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