The Use of Treated Wastewater in the Agricultural Production in the Arab World: Current Status and Future Prospective

Start date:
14 يناير, 2014
End date:
14 يناير, 2014

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Exploring new unconventional water resources such as treated wastewater (TWW) has become highly important in the Middle East and North Africa region. With the high rates of population increase in the region, the amount of wastewater and the number of wastewater treatment plants has increased in most of the Arab countries. The amount of wastewater is estimated to be around 10.9 billion cubic meters per year according to FAO estimation. This amount may reach more than that once the available data is updated. The amount of treated wastewater is about 50% of the available wastewater, which part of it is used for agricultural, landscaping, industrial and environmental purposes.