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With a view to becoming a partnership-driven organization as per our new strategy, we will continue to enhance existing alliances and develop new strategic alliances with core regional and international donors, foundations, and other funding bodies to collaborate to develop solutions for saline and marginal environments. Our work will be guided by the priorities of national, regional, and international partners.

We will work with allies to streamline priority areas of research for development, develop knowledge and build capacity. Through joint efforts and synergies, and by aligning goals and objectives, the strategic alliances will directly address challenges in alleviating food and water insecurity and poverty.

We recognize that the pursuit of food and nutrition security, water security and environmental and economic resilience goals, is a huge undertaking that cannot be done without expanding the scope and depth of its partners to include all stakeholders, including:

  • Key donors and financial institutions that support applied research for development
  • Key private foundations that work in marginal environments or support applied agricultural research
  • International and regional agricultural centers and programs
  • National agricultural research and extension systems in countries with marginal environments and/or using alternative water for landscaping and agricultural activities 
  • Academic/educational institutions and the scientific community
  • Private-sector companies and multinationals especially those that are part of the agricultural food supply chain
  • Non-governmental organizations and civil society groups that work at the grass roots with farmers and local communities in marginal environments 
  • End-users, including farmers, farmer associations and community-based organizations in marginal environments that we seek to assist and improve their agricultural productivity by enhancing their practices through sharing and disseminating the results of applied research we conduct.

The mode and scope of partnerships between ICBA and this diverse group of stakeholders differs, but each in itself is critical to our efforts to become the scientific go-to center and global knowledge hub on agricultural production in saline and marginal environments.