• Policies for Resilience

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Policies for Resilience

We support our national partners in developing relevant policy frameworks, strategic plans and business plans that ensure that valuable water and land resources are managed in a sustainable manner, thus minimizing environmental risks and at the same time improving food and nutrition security, water security and the environmental and economic resilience of people living in marginal areas.

To that end, we analyze policies and undertake socioeconomic studies on food and nutrition security, and water and land management at various scales in marginal environments to provide targeted recommendations built on solid evidence and future projections. Work is directed toward assisting in assessing and managing agriculture, water (fresh and marginal water), land, and climate change. ICBA also assesses opportunities for creating value-added market supply chains.

Among others, ICBA has prepared several strategic plans to help decision makers find solutions to sustaining water resources and production systems, including the Abu Dhabi Water Master Plan, Abu Dhabi Wastewater Management Plan, United Arab Emirates Water Conservation Plan, and Oman Salinity Strategy.

ICBA has also helped government agencies develop national agricultural policies and strategies, food security policies, and food security investment strategies, including the United Arab Emirates Agricultural Strategic Plan, and the Food Security Investment Strategy for Kuwait.

These plans address key issues and challenges facing the water and agricultural sectors in the targeted countries and discuss in depth the opportunities to overcome these issues. The key outcomes of these strategic plans are a range of management options, scenarios, and possible trade-offs, based on which decision makers determined the main initiatives to implement.