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Women Scientists and Leaders Program

Agricultural research can pave the way for socioeconomic development throughout marginal environments. It has been clearly documented that investing in agricultural research generates additional food for the children, women and men living in marginal environments. With the help of its partners, ICBA is committed to championing the development of a cadre of young research professionals across its mandate regions and beyond.

One program that ICBA is launching across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is the Young Arab Women Scientists and Leaders Program (YAWS) initiative that seeks to equip early career stage agricultural women scientists across the MENA region with the essential agricultural research and leadership skills needed to: 

  • Champion developments in the agricultural sector
  • Support and steer agricultural research and the agricultural sector development in general
  • Lead agricultural innovations from the MENA region for both women and men
  • Build strong networking skills with the aim of developing North to South knowledge exchange through an online support mechanism for Arab women scientists 

Our approach is to train, mentor and empower young women scientists by providing them with leadership support, building their agricultural research skills, giving them access to vigorous online training courses, equipping them with networking skills, and linking them to a global network of women researchers in agriculture.

For more information about this program and existing opportunities for partnership or collaboration, you can contact the Partnerships and Knowledge Management Division at ICBA.