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The K-segments of the wheat dehydrin DHN-5 are essential for the protection of lactate dehydrogenase and β-glucosidase activities in vitro

The wheat dehydrin DHN-5 has been previously shown to exhibit heat protecting effect on enzymatic activities. In order to understand the molecular mechanism by which DHN-5 exerts its protective function, we performed an approach to dissect the functional domains of DHN-5 responsible for this feature. In two distinct enzymatic assays, we found that the truncated forms of DHN-5 containing only one K- or two K-segments are able to protect albeit to less extent than the wild type protein, lactate dehydrogenase and b-glucosidase against damage induced by various stresses in vitro. However, the YS- and U-segments alone have no protective effects on these enzymes. Therefore, our study provides the evidence that the protective function of DHN-5 seems to be directly linked to its K-segments which through their amphipatic a-helical structure, may act to prevent protein aggregation.

Drira, M., Saibi, W., Brini, F., Gargouri, A., Masmoudi, K., Hanin, M
Publication type: 
Scientific Paper
Publication Source: 
Mol Biotechnol
Page Number: 
p 643-50
12033-012-9606-8 2.262.

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