Dr. Ahmed Kheir

Dr. Ahmed Kheir
Post-Doctoral Fellow – Food Security

Dr. Ahmed Kheir joined ICBA in September 2021 as Post-Doctoral Fellow – Food Security.

He had previously worked with the University of Florida, the USA; the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, China; the University of California, Davis (UC-Davis), the USA; and the Soils, Water and Environment Research Institute, the Agricultural Research Centre, Egypt.

He specializes in crop modelling for food and nutrition security, particularly under biotic stresses. He has extensive experience in statistical analysis, model performance evaluation, optimization techniques and database management. He also has a background in crop modelling in food security assessment, water management, climatology, micrometeorology, and agronomy. Furthermore, he has a strong programming knowledge for artificial intelligence using Python and R, machine learning, deep learning and big data analysis.

He is author and co-author of 68 articles in high impact factor peer-reviewed journals.