Dr. Habtamu Giday Gebraegziabher

Dr. Habtamu Giday Gebraegziabher

Dr. Habtamu Giday Gebraegziabher joined ICBA in February 2019 as Post-Doctoral Fellow (Urban and Vertical Farming). Before joining ICBA, he worked at Wageningen University as a post-doctoral fellow in the horticulture and product physiology group. His main line of research was studying the interactive effect of light spectrum and temperature in the control of plant growth and development. He researched the possibility of a targeted use of different colors of LEDs to shape plants morphologically in combination with different temperature regimes (such as different combinations of day and night temperatures). He was also involved in the effort to understand the effect of supplemental red and blue lights in greenhouse-grown vegetables.

He is an expert in studying plant-environment interactions in controlled environments such as greenhouses and vertical farming. He has extensive research experience in such physiological processes as stomatal regulation, photosynthesis, photo- and thermo-morphogenesis.

He has published extensively in high-impact peer-reviewed journals and participated in conferences on LED lighting, greenhouse technology, and plant physiology.

He holds a Ph.D. from Aarhus university, Denmark.