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Dr. Makram Belhaj Fraj

Dr. Makram Belhaj Fraj

Agronomy Scientist
Directorate of Programs

Dr. Makram Belhaj Fraj joined ICBA as Agronomy Scientist in 2010. He works on the concept of cropping systems at farm and regional levels in various environments of the Middle East and North Africa region.

He holds a Ph.D. degree in agronomy from ENSA Rennes, UMR INRA-INA Paris-Grignon, France. His main areas of expertise are agricultural monitoring (crop modeling and simulation, and yield gap analyses), development of production and cropping systems to support end-users and decision-makers, and the selection of cereal genotypes tolerant of abiotic stresses based on the GxE interaction decomposition.

He has published 20 papers in ten peer-reviewed journals, 50 communications, and ten training and extension courses.

Scientific Papers