Demonstration Plots for Annual Crops

Objectives: Displaying the importance of various crops, which can be used as food, feed and ornamental The plots demonstrate the performance of various crops at different salinities and their cultivation suitability in the United Arab Emirates

Date of Sowing: 21st October 2020

Experimental Design: Systematic design

Treatment: 10 different crops planted at low, 0.3 dS/m & high, 15 dS/m salinities

Crop types:

  • Sunflower      دوار الشمس
  • Safflower      العصفر
  • Mustard       خردل
  • Lablab          لوبيا لبلابية
  • Cowpea        لوبيا
  • Amaranth     قطيفة
  • Quinoa           كينوا
  • Barley             شعير
  • Sorghum       ذرة رفيعة 
  • Pearl millet   دخن لؤلؤي