Biosaline agriculture as an approach to land restoration

Start date
4 November, 2024
End date
7 November, 2024

ICBA HQ, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This workshop will offer a set of comprehensive modules on land restoration in marginal environments through biosaline agriculture. The program will cover such topics as location-specific techniques for land restoration and stabilization in such environments. It will also provide an overview of the global impacts of climate change on natural vegetation and other things, the importance of crop biodiversity and integrated cropping systems, sustainable land and water resources management measures, and other important topics related to marginal environments such as salinity management. Moreover, it will present the options of using salt-tolerant food and feed crops and agroforestry systems for soil rehabilitation and salinity mitigation as well as for saving freshwater resources.

  • ICBA
  • G20 Global Initiative
Dr. Ahmed H. El-Nagger, Soil Management Scientist
Dr. Asad Sarwar Qureshi, Senior Scientist – Water and Irrigation Management
Dr. Henda Mahmoudi, Plant Physiologist
Dr. Khalil Ammar, Program Leader on Sustainable Natural Resources Management, Principal Scientist – Hydrology/Hydrogeology
Dr. Mohammed Shahid, Geneticist
Dr. R.K. Singh, Section Head, Program Leader on Crop Diversification and Genetics, Principal Scientist – Plant Breeding
Mr. Rashyd Zaaboul, Modeler – Climate Change
Dr. Zied Hammami, Agronomist
Event Coordinator

Mr. Ghazi Al-Jabri, Capacity Development Specialist