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Applied research

Our focus is on addressing agricultural challenges in marginal environments through research that seeks to identify, develop and test suitable innovative solutions and technologies that will increase food, nutrition and water security in addition to improving the environment and the livelihood of people living in marginal environments.

Policies for resilience

ICBA analyzes policies and undertakes socioeconomic studies on food and nutrition security, and water and land management at various scales in marginal environments, to provide recommendations to national, regional and global partners. Our work is directed at assisting in assessing and managing agriculture, water, land, and climate change.

Up-scaling innovation and technology

ICBA’s up-scaling efforts start with carrying out adaptation research of the innovations developed by our scientists to test their appropriateness and scalability within targeted countries. Through the employment of a breadth and depth of scientific expertise and specialization, we study real-life situations, including the culture and needs of the local communities. This allows us to create customized, integrated solutions that are suitable for local conditions and that further human development. In collaboration with our partners from other expert institutions, we then offer the most effective and efficient measures to produce the desired impact.

Private sector-led partnerships for innovation

ICBA works in partnership with private sector firms to test the applicability of their innovations and technologies in marginal environments. We do so by putting their technologies to test at our center. Private sector firms provide the technology and financial backing for each experiment while ICBA provides the technical support.

Technical assistance

ICBA provides a wide range of technical services by working with individual host countries, international organizations and the key private sector actors at multiple levels, that work on improving agricultural productivity and water use efficiency in the agricultural sector. Our technical assistance includes data analysis and targeted research and development services aimed at providing our clients with the tools to foster sustainable development in their respective environments.

Creating and sharing knowledge

Generating, maintaining and sharing knowledge across regions and research areas in agriculture is a multi-pronged means for ICBA to reach out to local farmers by providing them with the necessary skills, educational materials and resources for application. As a result, poor farmers in marginal and saline environments can improve their livelihood now and for future generations.

Capacity building and training

Supporting sustainability at the local and regional level is the foundation for ICBA’s capacity-building initiatives related to marginal and saline environments. We provide a wide range of hands-on capacity-building tools and training programs. Offerings can be in English, Arabic or the local language of the host country.