New Irrigation Management Technologies at ICBA

Abdelaziz Hirich and Redouane Choukr-Allah

Horticulture, water and energy use efficiency under protected agriculture conditions in marginal environments

Redouane Choukr-Allah, Abdelaziz Hirich

Improving Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency for Crop Production in Dry Lands via Soil Amendments and Remote Sensing Techniques

Henda Mahmoudi, Ali El battay, Shabbir A Shahid, Kaleem ul Hassan

Water Saving for Roadside Plantation using Cocoon Technology

Shabbir A Shahid, Abdullah Alshankiti, Henda Mahmoudi, Shagufta Gill, Basel Al Araj, Diletta Ciolina, Kaleem ul Hassan, Jurriaan Ruys, Arnout Asjes, Harrie Lövenstein

On-Farm Recycling of Green Waste into Valuable Compost

Abdullah Alshankiti, Shabbir Shahid, Shagufta Gill

Feasibility of Nano-filtration for desalinization of saline/seawater used for irrigating vegetable crops in greenhouse under Qatar conditions

Shabbir A Shahid, Henda Mahmoudi, Basel Al Araj, Kaleem ul Hassan

Sludge Valorization Feasibility Study in United Arab Emirates

Dr. Abdullah Alshankiti, Dr. Berhan Adenew Degefa, Dr. Shagufta Gill, Dr. Nurul Akhand

Low-cost Biochar Production Technology to Improve Soil Quality for Crop Production

Dr. Abdullah Alshankiti & Dr. Shagufta Gill

The New Records for the Flora of the United Arab Emirates

Mohammed Shahid and Kameswara Rao Nanduri

Date palm sap flow: Estimation of water demands in three varieties under different salinity and irrigation levels

Abdullah Dakheel and Ahmed Al Muaini

The Collaborative Programme Euphrates and Tigris (CPET)

Khalil Ammar and Marguerite de Chaisemartin

Salicornia bigelovii: a promising halophytic species for a salinized world

Dionyssia Angeliki Lyra and Khalil Ur Rahman Butt