Rice Cultivation with Different Irrigation Methods

Project/Experiment Duration: 2020-2021


  • Estimate water requirements for rice with different irrigation methods
  • Evaluate the adaptability of rice varieties
  • Multiply seed of highly salt-tolerant rice varieties

Experimental Design: Multi-environment RCBD with 2 replications each

Environments: 3 (sub-surface drip irrigation without plastic lining; sub-surface drip irrigation with metal bottom (lysimeter); surface drip irrigation with plastic lining)

Varieties: 4 (BRRI dhan 47; BRRI dhan 61; BRRI dhan 67; BRRI dhan 78)

Irrigation water quality: fresh water

Management: 4 kg of compost per sq. m. before transplanting, N at a rate of 150 kg per ha in 4 equal splits (basal and top dressing), P and K at a rate of 60 kg per ha (basal dressing)

Date of sowing: 25 October 2020

Date of transplanting: 16 November 2020