Developing Inbred Lines of Salicornia bigelovii for Genome Sequencing and Variety Development


  • Develop inbred lines of Salicornia bigelovii with high homozygosity for genome sequencing and genetic improvement.  
  • Develop new Salicornia varieties with high biomass yield.
  • Develop new Salicornia varieties with higher seed yield and oil content.

Project/Experiment Details:

Date of sowing: 20 December 2020

Population advancement of Salicornia genotypes through selfing and sib-mating.

Genotypes: parents (ICBA-4, ICBA-5, ICBA-6 & ICBA-10) and F1s (ICBA-4 × ICBA-5, ICBA-4 × ICBA-6, ICBA-4 × ICBA-10, ICBA-5 × ICBA-6, ICBA-5 × ICBA-10, ICBA-6 × ICBA-10).