World Water Week 2014

Start date
31 August, 2014
End date
5 September, 2014

Stockholm, Sweden

Energy and water are inextricably linked - we need "water for energy" for cooling, storage, biofuels, hydropower, fracking etc., and we need "energy for water" to pump, treat and desalinate. Without energy and water we cannot satisfy basic human needs, produce food for a rapidly growing population and achieve economic growth.

The "energy and water" theme during 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm shall take an overall "systems view" of how to develop and manage energy and water for the good of society and ecosystems - at local, national, regional and global levels - and avoid unintended consequences of narrow sectoral approaches. The "water, energy and food security nexus", underpinning the green growth approach, will be central to the agenda.

The energy and water theme will be addressed from two overall perspectives: the societal opportunities and challenges, and the cross-cutting issues.

Event Coordinator

SIWI, Stockholm International Water Institute