Breeding High-Yielding, Early-Maturing Quinoa Genotypes with Low Saponin Content

Description of Experiments

A breeding project was initiated in 2020 with a goal to develop high-yielding, sweet and early-maturing quinoa varieties with a high level of abiotic stress (salinity, drought and heat) tolerance. 
Numerous crosses between parents with desired traits were attempted, and the successful ones are to be advanced for varietal development.

Simultaneously, permanent mapping populations are being made for the molecular markers’ validation involving contrasting parents.


  1. Generation advancement of 17 cross combinations
  2. Development of 7 permanent mapping populations through single seed descent method (SSDM)
  3. Quality seed production of quinoa varieties ICBA Q3 and ICBA Q5

Summary of experiments

#Crop common nameScientific nameExperimentNo. of crossesDate of Sowing


QuinoaChenopodium quinoaMapping population72December 2022


QuinoaChenopodium quinoaGeneration AdvancementF2 (from 17 confirmed F1 crosses) & F3 (2 F2 populations)2 December 2022


QuinoaChenopodium quinoaQuality seed productionICBA Q3 & ICBA Q52 December 2022