Effect of Biochar on Crop Production Under Irrigation with Saline Water and Deficit Irrigation


  1. Determine the effect of biochar as a soil amendment on crop productivity in sandy soils.
  2. Determine the impact of biochar on crop responses to salinity and drought stress conditions.
  3. Determine the effect of biochar on soil nutrient availability
  4. Determine water holding capacity and water use efficiency in soils treated with biochar.

Project Details

Application dates: March 2020 and January 2021

Sowing dates: December 2020 – (November 2021 for Alfalfa)


  • No. of Trials : 2 (Full irrigation (100%) and deficit (75%) irrigation)
  • Experimental design of each trial : Split plot design in RCBD
  • Main plot treatments : 2 Crop species (Rhodes grass and alfalfa)
  • Sub plot treatments: 9 (BS1 to BS9)
  • Replicates: 4