Evaluation of Diverse and Nutritious Climateresilient Crops (Pearl millet) for Dietary Diversification in Marginal Environments


  1. Evaluate African mini core collection of pearl millet for response to varying soil salinity levels.
  2. Classify pearl millet accessions into clusters based on response to different salinity levels.
  3. Identify pearl millet accessions with tolerance to salinity stress.

Project/Experiment Details:

Dates of Sowing: 25 January 2020

Experimental Design: Augmented design with checks repeated in each block

Genotypes: 224 test entries + 8 checks

Environments: 3 salinity levels (control (0 dS/m), 6 dS/m and 10 dS/m)

Nomenclature of the crop:

Common name: Pearl millet

Scientific name: Pennisetum glaucum

Arabic name: Bajra