EXPO LIVE Project: “From Desert Farm to Fork: Value Chain Development for Innovative Halophyte-based Food Products”

Project/Experiment Duration: 2019-2021


  1. Provide sustainable farming solutions for production of Salicornia fresh tips using saline water.
  2. Develop a value chain for healthy and nutritious halophyte-based foods produced in a desert environment.
  3. Organize campaigns on raising public awareness about halophytes (and their nutritional value).

Date of Sowing: 13 November 2019

Experimental Design: Randomized complete block design with three replications.


  1. 11 Salicornia genotypes: ICBA 2, ICBA 3, ICBA 4, ICBA 5, ICBA 6, ICBA 7, ICBA 8, ICBA 9, ICBA 10, ICBA 26 & ICBA 33
  2. Water treatment: Ground water @ 15,000 ppm


  • Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development
  • EAD
  • Max Planck Institute
  • Food Company

This is Phase II of the EXPO LIVE project. Building on the success of Phase I, this phase is focused on the development of a value chain for Salicornia by creating innovative Salicornia-based food products in the UAE. Salicornia and fish have been introduced on eight farms using intermediate upscaling methodologies and the integrated agri-aquaculture system approach.