Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) of Quinoa for Agronomic and Biochemical Traits

Project/Experiment Duration: 2020-2021


  • Max Planck Institute, Germany
  • Beijing Genomics Institute, China


  1. Evaluation of GWAS panel for yield and yield attributing traits under stress environment.
  2. QTL mapping for the major traits of interest in quinoa.
  3. Identification of robust and closely linked markers to the ‘traits of interest’.
  4. Identify the donors for the ‘traits of interest’ to be utilised in breeding program.

Date of Sowing: 1 November 2020

Experimental design: Augmented RCBD with 5 blocks


  • Genotypes: 190  test genotypes and 6 checks.
  • Stress conditions: Three levels of salinity (ECiw) treatments (control, 10dS/m, 20dS/m) and one water deficit condition (50% ET-based irrigation).