Al Ain Municipality and ICBA agreement

Dr. Ismahane Elouafi, Director General, ICBA: "So signing today this agreement with Al Ain City Municipality is very important for a center like ICBA. Within ICBA we are trying our best to work with different kind of partners and particularly with local organizations within the UAE that could be users of the know-how that we are developing; in ICBA it is very important for us. So hence, the signature of this MoU with Al Ain Municipality, and Al Ain by the way it’s the area which is the most agriculture prone area in the UAE. We are looking forward to implement the MoU that actually talks about several areas of collaboration including capacity building but also utilization of the know-how within the center related to water management, soil management and crop improvement. It is very important for us; we are very happy about this step forward. We have been working with different municipalities within the UAE such as Dubai Municipality and Ajman Municipality and Abu Dhabi; so the more we go to the other municipalities, the better it is for us and the chances and opportunities are bigger to see our technology and our know-how in use by those municipalities".