MOEW upskilling at ICBA

  • MOEW upskilling at ICBA
    MOEW upskilling at ICBA
Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mr Abdullah AlShaer, Acting Undersecretary of the UpMinistry of Environment and Water for Technical Affairs, attended the final day of the three-day ICBA training course for Methods and Management Techniques for Integrated Marginal Water held on December 18th. The training course focused on the standards and technologies for using t treated wastewater in agricultural production. Mr AlShaer stressed the importance of ICBA’s training course to enhance Ministry objectives: especially the sustainability of water, food security and the environment by using new technologies to manage marginal treated water. Use of this resource is one of the strategic choices that help countries with limited resources of water to increase the production of agricultural commodities, and reduce environmental damage. 

His Excellency added, ‘We also look forward to cooperate with ICBA in to developing and setting the standards and the practices required to be used in the treated wastewater and implement it to make it useful and beneficial to farmers and therefore increase and diversify crops that can be produced using this water. Furthermore the ministry will work with ICBA to provide [practical] training opportunities and develop the extension services in this area to the public and the consumer. On this occasion I would like to thank ICBA for its continued cooperation with MOEW in training and developing the human resources at the Ministry and Governmental Institutions. I would also like to thank the experts and the scientists’.


Mr AlShaer emphasized that MOEW and ICBA will work together to execute the next stage of the development plan for the year 2013 by scheduling training courses run by ICBA experts. Dr Ahmed Abdul Ghaffar Al-Sharif, Deputy Director General of ICBA, concluded the program by expressing his appreciation to MOEW for their strategic vision for the development of National Human Resources in the UAE, and the trust and honor given to ICBA to implement this integrated program. He added that the program had been developed in collaboration between MOEW and would be extended to all UAE government staff. He also thanked the participants and the scientific experts who contributed to the success of the program session.