Discussion on Collaboration between ICBA and Moroccan Institutions

  • Discussion on Collaboration between ICBA and Moroccan Institutions
    Discussion on Collaboration between ICBA and Moroccan Institutions
Monday, 4 March 2013

ICBA were pleased to host a visit by a senior level delegation from the Moroccan National Institute for Agriculture Research (INRA) on 4 March 2013. The visitors included Professor Mohamed Badraoui, Director of NRA joined by his colleague, Dr Saoud Bachir, Director General of ANDZOA (Agence Nationale pour le Developpement des Zones Oasiennes et de l’Arganier) and Dr My Hassan Sedra, Director of Research and Head of the Regional Centre of Agricultural Research of Marrakech. 

The Moroccan delegation met with Dr Ismahane Elouafi, Director General, and Dr Ahmed Al Sharif, Deputy Director General, Dr Mohamed Amrani, Director of Research and Innovation, and Ms. Fiona Chandler, Director of International Cooperation and Partnership along with a number of scientists from ICBA.

The discussion covered the various collaboration possibilities between ICBA, INRA and ANDZOA in Morocco. Representatives of the various research divisions of ICBA presented a highlight of their work and identified various possibilities of collaboration. 

The visiting delegation toured the ICBA research facility and the research farm and expressed great praise for the work that ICBA is undergoing. Professor Badraoui said, “I believe that ICBA has done what no other institution has achieved in terms of research in biosaline agriculture; this is a key strength of ICBA and I encourage you to maintain your edge in this field and I look forward to further partnership and cooperation between INRA and ICBA.”

Dr Elouafi added, “We see that there are very positive opportunities for cooperation especially in the area of climate change adaptation research and the remote sensing and modeling program. Soil fertility and treated wastewater for agriculture are other areas to explore together”. Dr Elouafi will follow up on this initiative with a visit to Morocco towards the end of April to continue the discussions.