ICBA Annual Report 2015 is published

  • ICBA Annual Report 2015 is published
    ICBA Annual Report 2015 is published
Thursday, 3 November 2016

The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) has published its Annual Report 2015. The report covers the center’s applied research and development work in different countries during 2015 with a focus on the five research and four enabling innovations set out in the ICBA Strategy 2013-2023.

The annual report highlights ICBA’s strategic objectives, and its continuous focus on transferring improved technologies, best practices and knowledge. In 2015 the scientists at the center worked closely with national, regional and international partners on developing sustainable agricultural solutions for marginal and saline environments.

Thus, ICBA launched several new initiatives, including a project with the Qatar National Research Fund to study the feasibility of nano-filtration for desalinization of seawater to irrigate vegetable crops in greenhouses and a project in Central Asia to improve food and water security in trans-boundary watersheds of the Amu Darya River basin.

The annual report is available at http://biosaline.org/annual-reports.