Evaluating Green Compost and Zeolite to Enhance Soil Quality for Dubai Sustainable City

Problem Overview
In the United Arab Emirates, the soils are dominantly sandy and infertile and require frequent irrigation to maintain a healthy landscape under hot climate. However, little has been done in this respect on UAE soils for urban landscaping projects such as Dubai Sustainability City, and hence this subject has formed the focus of this study, involving zeolite and compost produced by Tadweer Waste Treatment L.L.C. in different quantities, tested in the laboratory and greenhouse trial. 
The purpose is to improve the soil quality and conserve water.
  • Tadweer Waste Treatment LLC, Dubai, UAE
  • Diamond Developers, Dubai, UAE
  • ICBA
January 2014 - September 2017
Thematic Area(s)
Natural Resources Management in Marginal Environments