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Innovative agricultural intensification of sandy desert soils using organic and inorganic amendments

Earth’s total land mass is about 148,939,063 km2 which is about 29.2 per cent of its total surface. Water covers approximately 70.8 per cent of the Earth’s surface, mostly in the form of oceans and ice formations. Earth is the only planet known to have an atmosphere containing free oxygen, oceans of water on its surface, and life. Thus, if it provides sustainable ecosystem services we can call it a living land. If, however, its capacity is diminishing due to diversified threats then we have to think of its sustainable management for longterm services for human beings, maintaining biodiversity and environmental services.

Shabbir A. Shahid, Abdullah Alshankiti, Shagufta Gill and Henda Mahmoudi
Publication type: 
Scientific Paper

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