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Recycling green waste to compost for urban landscapes

The addition of landscapes within the expanding urban sector is pre-requisite for the sustainability of urban planning and development projects. The urban landscapes provide aesthetic and eye catching views, platform for healthy exercises, conserve biodiversity, sequester carbon and mitigate the climate change impact. It is therefore essential to create healthy landscapes which are sustainable, environment friendly and easy to maintain. To assure such features, the planning is to be made from landscape site preparation, to development and implementation phases. In the site preparation phase, it is important to use soil material without pollutants and with a mix of organic material, as the soil material commonly used in landscaping projects are sandy. The sandy material is low in organic matter and inherent soil fertility (clay material) and thus have low water and nutrient holding capacity leading to heavy drainage and groundwater pollution. The use of the compost material is one of the options to improve the quality of the landscape base material.

Shagufta Gill, Abdullah Al-shankiti
Publication type: 
Scientific Paper

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