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Rehabilitation of Desert Rangelands Affected by Salinity, to Improve Food Security, Combat Desertication and Maintain the Natural Resource Base

The chapter describes briefly the two key land degradation problems faced by Uzbekistan (i) widespread loss of rangeland productivity and stability, including loss of biodiversity and invasion by unpalatable and/or invasive species and (ii) problems associated with rising saline water tables and land abandonment. Results of research on vegetation distribution along salinity gradients, and evaluation of some indicators of salt tolerance are reported. The outcome of the screening of many plant species, herbs, shrubs and trees and the development of agro-silvi pastoral systems as ameans of rehabilitating degraded land and improving livelihoods is outlined. The development and adoption of Biosaline Agriculture practices as a way to restore productivity of salt affected desert lands is explained.

Toderich, K. N, Shuyskaya, E. V, Rajabov, T. F, Ismail, S, Shaumarov, M, Yoshiko, K,Li, E.V
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Scientific Paper
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Combating Desertification in Asia, Africa and the Middle East
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