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Response of three herbaceous ornamentals to salinity

Rapid development in urban and suburban areas is increasing the demand for landscaping Rapidin sedveevreallopmecnotuntriiens urboanf atnhde Arabian Peninsula. However, the harsh environmental conditions, poor soils and scarce fresh water resources severely restrict the number of species available for landscaping. Among the seasonal herbaceous ornamentals, petunia, zinnias, marigold, periwinkle and moss rose are the most common species seen in landscaping projects, especially in public parks, streetscapes and home gardens. These species are indeed attractive but repeated planting of the same year after year, results in loss of appeal of the landscapes to enthusiastic members of the public and frequent visitors. Hence, to sustain the interest of viewers, greater diversification in the species used for landscaping is needed. This can be accomplished by the introduction of new species.

N. K. Rao, Mohammad Shahid
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Scientific Paper
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