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Water demand and climate adaptation measures in downstream of the Zeravshan river

Balancing water demand for the whole basin efficiency is priority task in the world. This is especially true in the arid regions with the limited resources and political conflicts over water availability. The balanced usage of the water between participators to reach the most outcome from available resources could ease tension and provide a better economic outcome between argues. Water demand and analysis of the possible water resources distribution in the case study of Zeravshan river basin to achieve positive benefits for both countries were analyzed. The impact of the dam operation for irrigation to the downstream show flow reduction to 10% while improving energy outcome. Possible solution in using marginal (return flow) water for irrigation is investigated. Results show that several crops can provide relatively high growth rate even treated by saline waters as solution in reduced water flow.

Khujanazarov, T, Tanaka, K, Yoshiya, K, Toderich, K
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Scientific Paper
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