Breeder for Halophytes Germplasm Enhancement

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Job Summary

The Directorate of Programs is seeking a highly motivated and innovative Breeder for Halophytes Germplasm Enhancement to join on a full-time basis our CDG team located in Dubai, UAE; but results will have application across agriculture marginal environments with particular emphasis in MENA, Central Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). This position will be responsible for the design, implementation, and optimization of breeding procedures for germplasm enhancement. This will involve the analysis and design of breeding experiments and marker-trait associations in collaboration with our molecular breeding and biotechnology team.

Visionary and Innovative Breeder who will change the halophyte farming system’s livelihood in areas where water is scarce and high heat and salinity pose a challenge to food security.

Job Responsibilities

You will contribute to a tremendous innovation in halophyte growing by developing the next generation of halophytic varieties through world-class:

  • Design, conduct and analyze experiments to characterize germplasm to enhance new breeding concepts in the context of heterotic breeding. The identification and analyses of appropriate germplasm sources for exploiting heterotic mechanisms (e.g., genetic diversity, heterotic grouping) will be important targets.
  • Work collaboratively with other scientists within the team and interact with scientists across breeding, molecular biology, and resource mobilization to develop new concepts in halophyte breeding.
  • Initiate and supervise academic collaborations and integrate findings in their program.
  • Access to state-of-the-art technologies and diverse expertise in breeding, molecular biology, root quality assessment, and data management.
Qualifications and Experience


  • PhD in plant breeding, genetics, or related studies.
  • At least five years of related experience
  • Solid basis in breeding methods, molecular breeding, and statistical genetics
  • Halophyte agronomy
  • Familiarity with standard general-purpose statistical software and databases.
  • Detail-oriented, analytical, and trouble-shooting mentality.
  • Result-driven, having the ability to execute projects from conception to completion.
  • Ability to properly interpret research results and quickly set new directions.
  • Strong commitment to team-based research with proven track record as team player
  • Willingness to travel to participate in the coordination of global of breeding activities
  • Industry experience is a plus
  • Fluently spoken and written English. Arabic is an asset but not a requirement.


  • Highly motivated, innovative, and creative.
  • Combining methodological work with creativity.
  • Able to translate knowledge into product innovation.
  • Accurate and analytical.
  • Persistent with high level of involvement.
  • Communicates smoothly on different levels.
  • Builds strong collaboration with national agriculture research programs.
  • Establish effective partnership and collaborations with advance research organizations.
  • Able to develop a resource mobilization strategy for halophyte breeding.
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Post Date
14 September 2022
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open until filled
ICBA, Dubai
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CDG - program Leader
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