Conference Manager for Global Forum on Innovations for Marginal Environments

Posting Date
7 May 2019
Closing Date
17 May 2019
Dubai, UAE
Report To
Head of Communications and Knowledge Management Section
Vacancy Type
Job Number

The Global Forum on Innovations for Marginal Environments (GFIME) is organized in view of the enormous impact of soil and water salinization and climate change on ecosystems, agricultural productivity, livelihoods, and food security worldwide. It is important to clearly map the marginal areas already afflicted by salinity, poor quality water, very high temperature posing risks on a global scale and develop and implement the adaptation and mitigation strategies with robust policy support to effectively and efficiently address the adverse effects.


  • International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA)
  • Food Security Office, United Arab Emirates (UAE)


  • Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)
  • Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD)
  • Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation (KIADPAI)

ICBA is an international, non-profit agricultural research center established in 1999 by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Fund, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD), and the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Originally focused on the problems of salinity and using saline water for irrigated agriculture, ICBA has evolved into a world-class modern research facility with a team of international scientists conducting applied research which identifies, develops and promotes innovative solutions and technologies that can increase food, nutrition and water security, improve the livelihoods of people and protect natural resources in marginal environments where natural resources are limited or have been degraded. ICBA’s areas of focus include: assessment of natural resources; land and water management technologies, crop productivity and diversification; the use of conventional and non-conventional water sources (including saline water, treated wastewater, industrial water, agricultural drainage, and seawater); aquaculture and bio-energy; climate change adaptation (including remote sensing and modeling technologies); promotion of agribusiness; and policy analysis. ICBA is the custodian of the world’s largest collection of genetic resources of crops and forages suitable for salt-affected lands, with a proven capacity of seed development and seed multiplication for a variety of environments. ICBA is an equal opportunity employer and appoints qualified staff regardless of race, creed, color, age or gender.

Job Summary

As Conference Manager of the GFIME, the incumbent will provide technical and operational leadership to the Forum. The incumbent will report to Head of Communications and Knowledge Management and work in consultation and collaboration with ICBA staff, specifically GFIME’s Organizing Committee and Program Committee.

We are seeking an enthusiastic and highly organized individual who can organize the high-level GFIME from conception through completion. The ideal candidate must provide outstanding customer service and organize a memorable event that meets the intended goals and expectations both creatively and consistently. S/he must be able to work well within the limits of budget and time. Excellent people and communication skills are a must as s/he will be working with clients directly to identify their needs and ensure customer satisfaction. Th abilities to multitask and prioritize are critical to this role as it involves overseeing such details as decor, catering, entertainment, transportation, location, invitee lists, special guests, equipment, promotional material etc.

If you are organized, creative, and passionate about planning, we would love to hear from you.

Job Responsibilities

As the leading force behind the forum, the manager is expected to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Plan the forum from start to finish according to the requirements, target audiences and objectives.
  • Oversee and manage the production of all marketing collateral for the forum.
  • See the “big picture” and meet objectives in all stages of event planning, design, and production.
  • Develop the business plan, budgets and ensure adherence, including the programs, operations, revenue generation etc.
  • Package and pitch the GFIME as an attractive investment for sponsors, partners and government bodies.
  • Develop a plan for the long-term sustainability and growth of the forum.
  • Build strategic ties between the forum and other conferences/expos in the UAE and abroad.
  • Identify, design and implement various streams for revenue generation.
  • Identify and attract sponsors and donors to cover the event costs.
  • Liaise with the Program Committee to design the forum sessions and ensure their impeccable delivery.
  • Manage all project elements within time limits and on budget.
  • Liaise with clients, identify their needs, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Conduct market research and gather information.
  • Source and negotiate contracts with vendors and suppliers.
  • Provide clear, well-written periodic reports to stakeholders.
  • Propose ideas to improve services and event quality.
  • Commitment to compliance with all insurance, legal, health, and safety obligations.
  • People skills needed to staff events and coordinate their activities.
  • Coordinate all operations.
  • Lead promotional activities for the event.
  • Supervise all staff (event coordinators, caterers etc.).
  • Approve all aspects before the day of the event.
  • Ensure the event is completed smoothly and step in to resolve any problems that might occur.
  • Conduct pre-and post-event evaluations, a report on lessons learned and report on the outcomes.
  • Make a list of all the participants for future events. 
  • Any duties and tasks assigned by Head of Communications and Knowledge Management.
Qualifications and Experience


  • Significant and proven work experience as an events planner or organizer.
  • Significant and proven experience as a fundraiser for events through sponsorships, strategic partnerships etc.
  • Impressive references and portfolio of previously managed events (corporate events, conferences, forums, environment-focused events).
  • Management and organizational skills needed to oversee facilities and manage all event details such as decor, catering, entertainment, transportation, location, invitee lists, special guests, equipment, promotional material, etc.
  • Superb time management and communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Enthusiasm regarding collaborative work with communications and other teams to promote and publicize events.
  • Proactive approach to handling issues and troubleshooting any emerging problems.
  • Research skills to identify event opportunities, understand the market, and generate interest.
  • Sales skills and an aptitude for building productive business relationships.
  • Ability to oversee multiple projects independently.
  • Skilled in project management.
  • Knowledge of KPIs and marketing techniques for event management.
  • Computer savvy; proficient in MS Office.
  • A knack for problem-solving.
  • Customer-service orientation.
  • A team player with leadership skills.
  • References from previous clients.
  • High level of proficiency in English.


  • BSc/BA in Event Management, project management, PR, marketing, hospitality management or related field is preferred.
  • Experience working in diverse and multi-cultural environments.
  • Suitably qualified women are encouraged to apply. 
  • High level of proficiency in Arabic.