Research Themes

ICBA focuses on carrying high-quality applied research that is critical to increasing food and nutritional security, improving water security, and helping building more resilient environments and income in the marginal environment areas it targets.

Since its founding in 1999, ICBA has become a reference and a global Center of Excellence for innovative agriculture in saline and marginal environments. With a team of international scientists, ICBA’s main mission is to work in partnership to deliver agricultural, water and nutrient scarcity solutions in marginal environments. To do that, ICBA invests in applied research innovations and enabling innovations in saline and marginal environments that spans the food-water-energy nexus under the following broad thematics: 

  1. Natural Resources Assessment & Management
    1. Water Resources and Uses
    2. Soil Management
  2. Climate Change Impacts and Management
    1. Regional and country-level predictions of change on climate, water and crop production
    2. Adaptation solutions in water, cropping and policy ideas
  3. Crop Productivity and Diversification
    1. Salt-tolerant Crops and Halophytes
    2. Plant Genetic Resources
    3. Molecular Biology
    4. Crop Modeling
  4. Aquaculture And Bio-energy
  5. Policies for Resilience
  6. Special Initiatives
    1. Knowledge Hub
    2. Women Scientists and Leaders Program
    3. Alliances
    4. Technology Incubator
    5. Young Arab Women Scientist Program