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Drones Synergies 2019

Start date:
18 November, 2019
End date:
19 November, 2019

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Drones Synergies® is a Multi-Stakeholder event that gathers leaders from across various fields; government, academia, drones manufacturer, software developers, and service providers for the perfect blend of high-quality plenary sessions/keynote speeches presentations, capacity building workshops, field trials, and demos and networking. Technology and data are at the forefront of driving decision making in nowadays Data Powered Economies and Societies. With further advancements in drones technologies and the rise of emerging technologies such as AI, Big Data and IoT, a stakeholder is poised to capitalize on these advancements to innovate processes, systems, and solutions that shape the future. As the research organizer of Drones Synergies, ICBA ensures that a significant emphasis will be directed during Drones Synergies towards the role and synergies drones bring to agriculture, especially in marginal environments and in deprived societies not only on the practical side but also on youth and women empowerment. ICBA’s is the first agricultural research center in UAE, having created a partnership to get full drones capabilities and the capacity to carry projects at a scale of thousands of square kilometers. 

  • International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
  • Falcon Eye Drones, UAE
  • Zayed University, UAE
  • SenseFly, Switzerland 
  • DJI, China
  • Flyability, Switzerland 
  • WeRobotics, Switzerland
  • Women Who Drone, USA
  • She Maps, Australia
  • Pix4D, Switzerland