Food for the Future

Start date:
4 October, 2016
End date:
6 October, 2016

International Center for Biosaline Agriculture, Dubai, UAE

The main purposes of the HSBC Water Program are to provide and protect water sources, to inform and educate communities; to enable people to prosper and to drive economic development across the world.

The full HSBC Water Program objectives can be found through the link

Under this program come Food for the Future program. Food for the Future will establish best practice solutions for integrated, sustainable agriculture - increasing yields, efficiently using all resources and by-products, adding value by reusing water, producing energy and fertilizer from waste, reducing carbon emissions and improving food security.

With financial support from HSBC, AUC-RISE and ICBA have signed an agreement to join hand and work together in the Pilot Phase of the project – 2016-2017 with the following objectives:

  • Create a vision and framework for a 5-year Regional Flagship Project for HSBC volunteer involvement starting in 2017.
  • Carry out assessment trips to the selected countries.
  • Set up research and training facilities some of the selected countries; identify local partners in others.
  • Initiate research projects in the proposed research locations with local partners.
  • Establish a program to accommodate groups of HSBC volunteers with an interactive research and practical learning program to run at least 30 weeks of the year.
  • Develop an interactive teaching curriculum on the topics of sustainable food production, urban agriculture and water recycling with references to the context of each project location, and a focus on practical learning.
  • Design a framework for the use of research and development outputs reached through the proposed program, including outreach and upscaling possibilities in all countries involved in the project.

HSBC and RISE visit ICBA on 4-6 October to ICBA comes under this program which will train 3 groups of volunteers from HSBC in ICBA during the period from October until December 2016.



  • International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), United Arab Emirates

Supported by:

  • HSBC