Our team

Executive Team

Acting Director General/Deputy Director General
Director of Programs
Senior Manager - Corporate Services and Development

Director General and Deputy Director General Office

Executive Assistant
Monitoring Evaluation and Learning(MEL) Specialist

Directorate of Programs

Program Leader, Sustainable Natural Resources Management, Principal Scientist - Hydrology/Hydrogeology
Section Head, Program Leader on Crop Diversification and Genetics, Principal Scientist - Plant Breeding
Section Head, Partnerships & Resource Mobilization Section, Proposal Development Specialist
Senior Scientist - Water and Irrigation Management
Senior Horticulture Scientist
Soil Management Scientist
Senior Agronomist
Head of the Regional office for Central Asia and South Caucasus
Senior Scientist in Marginal Water Management
Modeler - Climate Change
Senior Scientist - Remote Sensing and Drones Technology
Halophyte Agronomist
Plant Physiologist
Project Officer
Halophyte Agronomist
Associate in Partnerships and Resource Mobilization
Post-Doctoral Fellow - Plant Breeder
Post-Doctoral Fellow - Plant Genetic Resources Scientist
Post-Doctoral Fellow: Plant Molecular Biology
Post-Doctoral Fellow - Irrigation and Water Management
Post-Doctoral Fellow - Plant Breeder
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Post-Doctoral Fellow - Soil Remediation Scientist
GIS Specialist
Post-doctoral Fellow: Socio-economic Scientist
Administrative Assistant
Laboratory Technician
Farm Machinery Operator
Field & Forage Crops Technician
Irrigation Technician

Senior Fellows

Directorate of Corporate Services

Head of Finance and Facility Operations
Head, Knowledge Management and Communications Section
People Resources Specialist
Procurement Specialist
Facility Supervisor
IT Specialist
Senior Administrative Assistant/Translator
Senior Officer - General Accounting
Project Accountant
Senior Officer-Admin/Government Relations
Senior Officer-Project Accounting
HR Officer
Capacity Building Specialist
Journalism and Media Outreach Specialist
Knowledge Hub Specialist
Senior Assistant - General Maintenance