Evaluation of Production of Fresh Salicornia Tips for Food Use

Project/Experiment Duration: 2020-2021

Research Innovation Themes: Crop Improvement and Sustainable Production

Project/Experiment Team: Dr. Dionysia Angeliki Lyra Dr. Kennia Brum Doncato Mr. Balagurusamy Santhanakrishnan Mr. Muhammad Amir Mustafa Mr. Velmurugan Arumugam


  1. Evaluate the production of fresh Salicornia tips for food use.
  2. Estimate the number of harvests in field conditions and the length of Salicornia tips/shoots.

Date of Sowing: 29 November 2020 Experimental design: RCBD with 3 replications Genotypes: ICBA-2, ICBA-4, ICBA-5, ICBA-8 Harvest schedule:

  • Late January
  • Late February
  • Late March
  • Second harvest after first cutting

Water used for irrigation: Groundwater (25-26 dS/m)