ICBA reveals a new brand reflecting the Center’s commitment to innovation, partnership and impact

  • ICBA reveals a new brand reflecting the Center’s commitment to innovation, partnership and impact
    ICBA reveals a new brand reflecting the Center’s commitment to innovation, partnership and impact
Monday, 10 March 2014

Today, Dr. Ismahane Elouafi, Director General of ICBA, unveiled the rebranding of ICBA.“It is important in the implementation of the ICBA Strategy that we are unambiguous on what constitutes the ICBA brand.” said Dr. Ismahane Elouafi, Director General of ICBA. “The brand is the perceived corporate image as a whole. With the development and the release of the new ICBA strategy 2013-23 it was timely to refresh the brand that reflects the Center’s research and innovation.” Dr. Elouafi emphasized the importance of aligning the internal identity and the external image of ICBA with each other and with the mission and values of the Center.ICBA is building a brand that promises solutions for agriculture and food security in marginal environments using marginal water resources. ICBA’s brand is revolved around its core values:

  • Professionalism and integrity
  • Partnership and teamwork
  • Excellence and innovation
  • Our people

The guiding principle of ICBA brand as outlined in its strategy revolves around it ‘being’ and ‘being known’ for: ICBA as a leader, ICBA as an innovator, ICBA as a partner of choice, ICBA’s knowledge sharing and learning, ICBA’s accountability. “This is the litmus test to which we will evaluate our success in building and delivering the brand promise,” says Dr. Elouafi. “This journey is one that requires the collaboration of all ICBA family. Today is an opportunity to step back and align ourselves to the image that ICBA stands for and make sure that we all work in that direction; fulfilling our mission, in which we strongly believe.”ICBA, based in Dubai, is an international center undertaking applied research and development. Originally established in 1999 as a research and development institute focusing on the problems of salinity and using saline water for irrigated agriculture, ICBA has evolved over the last fifteen years into a world-class modern research facility with a team of international scientists conducting applied research to improve the well-being of poor farmers in marginal environments. Strategically the Center has broadened its initial focus from applied research and technology development in saline-irrigated agriculture, to a broader mandate for improving agricultural production within an integrated water resource system approach.To ensure that the ICBA brand is well equipped to be aligned with the new strategy, mission, vision, and values, ICBA conferred with stakeholders, the ICBA Board and staff in the development of the center’s new look and feel. The new logo is one important element of the re-branding. ICBA’s new logo represents the promise of a greener tomorrow and the calligraphy in the motif reflects the Arabic origins of the center, while the dominance of the Latin characters in the name and tagline reflects the international nature of the center. The introduction of vibrant and bright colors reflects the young and positive spirit of ICBA that looks at a bright future for tomorrow’s agriculture.“The re-branding is an excellent opportunity for ICBA and comes at the right moment in time as we implement the new strategy” said Ms. Fiona Chandler, Director of International Cooperation and Partnerships at ICBA. “Our new brand will be front and center as we continue to work in partnership to deliver agricultural and water scarcity solutions in marginal environment” she concluded.