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New records of eight plant species in the United Arab Emirates

During botanical explorations between 2013 and 2015 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), eight previously-undocumented plant species, belonging to six different plant families, were found growing in different parts of the country. Bromus diandrus, Lolium multiflorum (Gramineae) and Diplotaxis erucoides (Cruciferae) were recorded from the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Alternanthera sessilis, Amaranthus lividus (Amaranthaceae) and Commelina benghalensis (Commelinaceae) from Dubai and Kickxia elatine (Scrophulariaceae) and Cyperus eremicus (Cyperaceae) from the emirates of Fujairah and Ra’s al-Khaimah respectively. All the reported species are considered in the Emirates, although all have previously been reported from at least one other country in the Arabian peninsula. They represent about 1% of the recorded wild flora of the UAE.

Mohammad Shahid, N.K. Rao
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Scientific Paper
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