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Water quality monitoring and geospatial database coupled with hydrological data of Zeravshan River Basin

This paper focuses on water quality monitoring of the main streams, irrigation canals, collector-drainage system of Zeravshan River Basin and on developing a platform for efficient data management and sharing of water quality and hydrological datasets. The water quality monitoring had been carried out from 2005 to 2010 throughout the basin and collected water samples, hydrological, meteorological and economic data indicate that generally water in the downstream part of the basin was in significant low quality. The water contains high concentration of salts and heavy metals that could be dangerous for people livelihood. The water quality datasets are stored in a newly developed web-based geospatial database, coupled with hydrological data collected during many years. The database integrates quantitative and qualitative datasets into spatially-explicit maps which help intuitive data handling and easy sharing for collaboration work. The web-based feature of the database with online access to the visualized maps of hydrological and water quality datasets provides an interactive framework solution for collaboration among those involved in water resources management in Zeravshan river basin.

Khujanazarov T, Ichikawa Y, Abdullaev I, Toderich K
Publication type: 
Scientific Paper
Publication Source: 
Journal of Arid Land Studies
Page Number: 
ISSN 0917-6985

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