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Highlights and Achievements report

ICBA – The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture is a non-profit, autonomous international agricultural research center with headquarters in Dubai, UAE. ICBA conducts research and development programs that aim to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability in marginal environments. ICBA’s multi-pronged approach to strengthening the agricultural sector through expanding food production through improved and better access to technology, improved germplasm, policies, strategies and programs, is critical to achieve greater water, environment, income and food security. During its second strategic phase (2007-2011), ICBA moved from its initial focus on salinity management to increased emphasis on water management issues related to agriculture, including marginal water quality. In 2013, the Center developed a new strategic direction addressing the closely linked challenges of income, water, nutrition, and food security. The new Strategy 2013-2023 takes innovation as a core principle and has identified five innovations that form the core research agenda: assessment of natural resources; climate change adaptation; crop productivity and diversification; aquaculture and bio-energy, and policy analysis.

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