Characterization and evaluation of proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) germplasm conserved in ICBA gene bank for their morphological and nutritional quality traits under different salinity levels


  1. Documentation on variability existing for the agronomic and qualitative traits of Proso millet germplasm
  2. Evaluation of proso millet accessions under different salinity levels
  3. Determine the effect of salinity on grain nutrient composition and starch content

Experiment Details

Sowing date: 01st November 2021


  • No. of Environments (Irrigation water) : 3; Control (Freshwater), Salinity (6 dS/m) and Salinity (10 dS/m)
  • Experimental design: Multi environment RCBD
  • No. of accessions: 25
  • Replicates: 3
  • Gross plot size: 2 x 2 m2