Container based vertical farming

Project Team

Horticulture Scientist


  1. Improve efficiency and production of Vertical Faming (VF) systems under UAE climate.
  2. Remodel  VF container farm to optimize water and energy use.
  3. Cultivation demonstration and performance analysis of remodeled VF containers in comparison with other types of controlled environment agriculture facilities.
  4. Profitability evaluation of different high value crops suitable for vertical farming as well as evaluation of the use of vertical farming as a nursery platform.

Project Details

  • Remodel existing vertical farming containers.
  • Crop cultivation (nursery production)
  • Testing different high value crop cultivation for vertical farming (Leafy greens, medicinal herbs, strawberry) .
  • Assess resource use efficiency (water, energy) of the container based vertical farming.
  • Comparative analysis of crop growth, yield, and quality.