Demonstration Plots for Annual Crops


  • Displaying the importance of various crops which can be used for food, feed and ornamental purposes
  • Demonstrating the relative performance of various crops at different salinity levels and their cultivation suitability in the UAE

Project details:

Date of sowing/planting: October 2022

Experimental design: Systematic planting

Plot size: 2 x 15 m

Treatment: 12 different crops planted at control (0.3 dS/m) and high salinity (15 dS/m) water levels

12 different crops

  1. Sunflower
  2. Safflower
  3. Mustard 
  4. Amaranth
  5. Quinoa 
  6. Lablab 
  7. Cowpea 
  8. Wheat
  9. Barley 
  10. Proso millet 
  11. Finger millet 
  12. Pearl millet